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Terms and Conditions

Check-in/Check-out Policies:

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

Check-In: 02:00 PM  |  Check-Out: 12:00noon


Property and Cancellation Policies:



1.      The guest is entitled to cancel the agreement by notifying South Drive Baguio Manor in writing.

2.      Should the guest cancel the accommodation contract, in whole or in part, due to causes for which the guest is liable, the guest shall pay corresponding cancellation charges in the amount based on the following:

   o  Full amount if canceled 5 days prior to the date of arrival.

   o  Hotel credit if canceled 6 days or more prior to the date of arrival and will be allowed to re-schedule only once. 

3.      In cases when there are reservations made by the guests and without advance notice they did not appear within 2 hours after the expected date and time of arrival, the property may regard the guest agreement as being canceled by the guest and any deposits will be forfeited and will be required to pay the full amount of the agreement.



SDBM may cancel the guest agreement in any of the following cases:

1.      The guest/s in question is found to be infected with an infectious disease.

2.      The guest/s in question has used the accommodation for gambling or other illegal purposes or otherwise violates public morals.

3.      The guest/s in question is extremely intoxicated, dancing or singing loudly, playing loud music during quiet time, or disturbing other guests or residents on the property.

4.      The guest/s or their visitor/s has caused damage to the property of South Drive Baguio Manor.

5.      The guest/s in question has used violence to make a demand on the property or its employee(s).

6.      The guest/s in question has smoked on the property or tampered with the fire prevention facilities or otherwise violated the regulations of use stipulated by the property

7.      SDBM is unable to continue to accommodate the guest in question due to disaster, failure of facilities, or other unavoidable reasons.

8.      In addition, SDBM has the right to cancel the contract extraordinarily due to an objective justified reason as in the following:

   ⦁ Rooms are booked on misleading or false statements regarding the person or the purpose.

   ⦁ SDBM has reasonable grounds to assume that the use of the services may endanger the SDBM in public without being attributed to the territory and or organization of the SDBM. 


Terms and Conditions: 

Guest Eligibility

1.  You may only use our facilities if you are:

   ⦁ Of legal age

   ⦁ Companions should be of legal age unless otherwise accompanied by a legal age guardian

2.  We will require one (1) suitable Valid ID, e.g.:

   ⦁ Driver’s License

   ⦁ Passport ID

   ⦁ National ID

   ⦁ Postal ID


   ⦁ GSIS ID


   ⦁ PRC

   ⦁ OWWA

   ⦁ Comelec ID 


Guest Agreement

A guest who intends to enter into a guest agreement with SDBM shall provide the following particulars:

   ⦁ Complete names of ALL Guests/Companions;

   ⦁ Dates of accommodation;

   ⦁ Payment and Deposit Details

   ⦁ Other Particulars required by SDBM




   ⦁ Pay first before stay

   ⦁ Balance or due must be settled before check-out.

   ⦁ Room charges :

     i. Children below 11 years of age are free of charge; 11 years old and above are charged full rate.

     ii. Senior Citizen/ PWD discount depends on the number of guests and cannot be availed as additional discount with any other promotions.  Only the discount with the higher value will be honored and applied. 


Occupancy Hours

1. The guests are entitled to occupy the agreed room from the time they arrive until 12 noon of the day they are scheduled to check out. In the event that the guest will extend beyond 1 noon on the scheduled day they are to vacate the property, this will tantamount to an extension of their stay and SDBM can collect a late check-out fee to a maximum of a full day’s stay.

2. Extensions are subject to availability and SDBM reserves the right to deny guest extensions.

3. A maximum of 15 minutes leeway/grace period will be observed.

4. A fee will be collected amounting to Ten Percent (10%) of the published rate per hour of extension.

5. SDBM can charge guests a full day’s stay if the guest failed to vacate the property on the agreed time or extension.

6. SDBM reserves the right to remove their belongings without being liable for damages or losses. 



1. Unauthorized transfer of furniture and fixtures. Five Thousand Pesos (PHP 50,000).

2. SMOKING and use of E-CIGARETTES are strictly prohibited inside the property and as well as in the common areas of the property. Smoking will be charge Fifteen Thousand Pesos (PHP 15,000). (City ordinance no 8, also known as the comprehensive Anti-Smoking ordinance of Baguio City and its implementing Rules and Regulations.)

3. 11PM to 6AM QUIET TIME will be strictly implemented. Guests will be fined One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (PHP 1,000) per incident if they still violated the quite time after the first warning.

4. Use of any naked flames of any sort including candles, incense, oil burners or any heaters or fans other than those provided by us.

5. Tampering or interfering with our provided internet access or broadband connections.

6. Bringing your own furniture into the residence/property.

7. Creating disruption, noise or any means of violence. This might lead to expulsion from the property without any refunds.

8. Bringing South Drive Baguio Manor into disrepute in anyway.

9. If any property of South Drive Baguio Manor is damaged due to acts of the guests or his/her visitors, the guest must pay for the repair or replacement (at the discretion of SDBM) of that item and guest agreement will terminate immediately with no refund and/or demanded full accommodation fees. 



1. Guests may only have visitors within the property between 12 noon and 9:00 pm (in order to respect all guests’ privacy and security).  They must report to the front desk to give a copy of their ID and sign in.

2. Guests must accompany their visitors when they are within the premises of the property.  Unaccompanied visitors are considered to be a serious security risk.

3. Large social gatherings of visitors in the residence are strictly prohibited.  We consider large social gatherings to be a serious security risk to other guests and residents of the property.

4. Guests are not allowed to let their visitors stay overnight in the property.

5. No guest may let any person into the property.  Always refer people to the front desk or security personnel of the SDBM.



This will constitute a breach of the guest agreement and a ground for South Drive Baguio Manor to ask you and your guests to vacate the premises after full payment of the accommodation fees.


Stored Articles of Guests

1. Contract shall come into effect from the date on which SDBM accepts the article to be stored and it ends when the guest has claimed the said article.

2. Guests may deposit their valuables at the front office for safekeeping.

3. Guests are required to fill out a form duly signed by the guest and representative of SDBM containing the description of the item with specifying any deformation/defect. If cash is deposited, the amount and currency of the cash shall be specified.

4. The stored articles may only be reclaimed by the depositor or an authorized third party.  Said authorization shall be duly notarized, and a copy will be given to SDBM.

5. When the person reclaiming or authorized third party reclaims the stored article, SDBM shall take considerable care with responsibility to confirm the identity of the receiver. In this case, SDBM shall not be liable for the stored articles thereafter.

6. SDBM shall not be liable for loss, damage, deformation, or any other causes which are force majeure.

7. When SDBM or a third-party employee incurs damages due to breakage, deformation, or any other causes which is the responsibility of the person requesting the storage of the article, the person storing the article shall compensate for the damage incurred.

8. If the person storing the article does not reclaim it within one week after the term of the contract ends, SDBM may deal with the article in any way which SDBM deems appropriate, may take the article and keep it separate, may sell it by a method at a time and at a price it deems proper or may discard it if considered unsalable. 


Custody of Baggage/ Belongings of Guests

1. When the baggage of guests is brought into the property before their arrival, SDBM shall be liable for it only in the event such a request has been accepted by the property.  The baggage shall be handed over to the guest by the security or authorized personnel at the time of their check-in.

2. When the baggage or belongings of the guests are found left after their check-out, and the ownership of the article is confirmed, SDBM shall inform the owner of the article left and ask for further instructions. When no instruction is given by the owner or when the ownership is not

3. confirmed, SDBM shall keep the article for 7 days, including the day it is found.  After this period, SDBM shall turn it over to the nearest police station.  When the foods, beverages and magazines of the guests are found after their check-out, they shall be disposed of on the day it is found. 


Liability with Regard to Vehicle of Guests

1. South Drive Baguio Manor shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle of the guests when the guests utilize the parking lot within the premises of the property, as it shall be regarded that the property simply offers the space for parking, whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited to SDBM or not.  However, SDBM shall compensate the guest for the damage caused through intention or negligence on the part of SDBM in regard to the management of the parking lot.

2. SDBM is not liable in case of loss or damage of motor vehicles and their contents parked or driven on the property, except in the case of intent or gross negligence. 


Liability of the guest

The guest shall compensate SDBM for the damages caused through intention or negligence on the part of the guest and/or their companions when any property of SDBM is destroyed or damaged.  


Liability of South Drive Baguio Manor 

1. The property is liable with due care and diligence of a prudent businessperson for its contractual obligations.

2. A breach of duty of the property is on par with a legal representative or a vicarious agent.  Should there be any disturbance or imperfection in service, the property will resolve the matter upon knowledge or reproach by the guest.  The guest is obliged to make a reasonable contribution in order to resolve the problem and minimize the possible damage.

3. The property is liable for tangible assets of the client that has been through theft or robbery provided:

   ⦁ SDBM has been NOTIFIED of these items in writing upon check-in of the guests, and

   ⦁ The guest has exercised DUE DILIGENCE IN PROTECTING their property i.e. locked doors and windows before sleeping and made use of the main safe of the property itself.


4.  Liability claims expire if the client does not bring an immediate charge to the property within 24 hours upon knowledge of loss, destruction or damages.


Venue of Dispute

All claims by the guest against SDBM shall be settled in courts of Baguio City.


Final Provisions

1. Alterations or supplements to the contract, the acceptance of the order or Terms and conditions must be in writing.  Unilateral alterations or supplements through the guests are ineffective.

2. The properties bills are payable immediately upon receipt of the bill without any deduction, unless other payment terms and conditions are expressly agreed.  The property is entitled to render accumulated claims for the payments at any time and to demand immediate payment.  If payment is delayed, the property is entitled to claim interest for delay amounting to 10% of the total charges.

3. The word “SDBM” as used in this agreement refers to South Drive Baguio Manor.



The guests shall observe the rules and regulations established by SDBM, which are posted within the premises of the property.  Transfer of rights and obligations under this agreement is prohibited. 

⦁ We may modify this Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Policy will be posted to our website so that you are always informed.
⦁ Updated versions of our Policy will include the date of the revision at the end of this Policy so that you are able to check when the Policy was last amended.
⦁ Any changes to our Policy will become effective upon posting of the revised Policy on the website. Use of the website following such changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised Policy then in effect.


Last Update: 1 December 2022 

Privacy Policy

Data we collect and how we use it

When you request a particular service from us or otherwise interact with South Drive Baguio Manor, we will ask you to voluntarily provide us with Data that we need. For example, if you would like us to make a reservation, we will request for Data such as your name, address, mobile/telephone number, e-mail address and credit card information for payment purposes (including credit card number, code and expiry date). We will use your e-mail address to send an e-mail confirmation of your booking.

Last Update: 1 December 2022


Need help? 

We are here to help you. Reach us at any of the following channels: 

Visit us at address:  34 South Drive, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines 2600

SMS/Call us at mobile #:  (+63) 917 306-3947

Call us direct at landline phone #:  (+63) (74) 424-2591

Send us an email at any of the following emails: /

Check our web site for any updates:

Leave a comment or direct message at our FB Page:  or messenger:

We will attend to you as soon as we are available. 


Last Update: 1 December 2022


What modes of payments are accepted? 

  • We currently accept GCash, bank transfer as online payment but manual confirmation process.  Cash and major credit cards payments are accepted as available options for on-premise payments. 
  • We are in the process of accepting online payments to serve you better. We will make the announcement and enable when available. 

Do you require reservation fee? 

  • So you can be guaranteed that your chosen room/s on your chosen dates will be yours we would appreciate advance payment.  You can pay by GCash or bank transfer/deposit and send us a scanned copy or screenshot of the proof of payment for validation thru email or starting a “Chat” with us. 

Can I pay my reserved room upon my arrival? 

  • Yes you can. However, we can not guarantee the availability of the room selected without prior reservation deposit/payment. 

Do you allow late check-in or check-out? 

  • Please let us know in advance so we can make necessary arrangements if possible or advise you otherwise.

What is your GCash and Bank details? 

  • We’d be happy to send to you details of our GCash and Bank details. Please send us an email or start the “Chat”. 

Last Update: 1 December 2022


About South Drive Baguio Manor

South Drive Baguio Manor opened its door early 2000s. We have available rooms that can accommodate backpackers to family travelers.  Call us so we can check the room that would fit your need and as well as your budget. We want you to feel at home even when you are away from your home, here in Baguio City. We hope you enjoy your stay. 

About Chevon Pitstop

Our in-house restaurant is Chevon PitStop.  Chevon is goat meat.  It is palatable as mutton and a healthier option as it is low in cholesterol, high in protein, and a good source for people with iron deficiency anemia.  We serve select goat dishes which includes classics adobo, sinampalukan, kinilaw and the much famous caldereta and pinapaitan. We also serve all-time any-time favorite pinoy breakfast meals and dishes. You will also have to option for filling snacks.  Drinks and beverages are available at our mini-bar.  

We have a function room that can accommodate small meetings or gatherings or we can convert the whole dining area to accommodate your intimate events.  We cater as well. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements and details, as well as the terms and conditions. 


Last Update: 1 December 2022